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In this album the concept of strange attractors is explored in both its poetic and literal dimensions. The strange attraction between the voice weaving its melodic unfolding over the infinite harmonies of crystal bowls is felt intensely as the two meet and separate in the process of becoming. We invite you to become a strange attractor while listening to the voice and musical instruments as they unleash the compositional potential of the crystal bowls. We entice you to absorb their emotional tones, shaping higher levels of musicality, contemplation, and the eternal quality of quantum listening.
Each composition on the album explores various forms of the attraction – from choruses of droning voices and crystal bowls to evocative soundscapes, chants, and melodious narratives inspired by the emotional life of Indian ragas.
It is our deepest wish that this album activate peace in the current climate of social chaos and divisiveness and move us toward a new humanitarian order permeated by the unity of love.

  • Bloom – 4:51
  • Attractors (The Prayer and the Quest) – 7:45
  • Sojourn to Polaris – 5:24
  • Alap Call – 6:35
  • Raga Orb – 6:49
  • Infinite Song – 3:37

Lyrics for Attractors (The Prayer and The Quest):

Saraswati namas-tubhyam varade kāmarupinī. Vidyā-rambham karishyāmi siddhir-bhavantu me sadā (I bow to Thee Saraswati, O giver of boons, Thou of the most desirable form. I am about to begin my studies; may I always be blessed with success).