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MASTERMINDS is a collection of composers who wrote music for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). This music is offered as a downloadable add-on to CS: GO called “MASTERMINDS MUSIC KIT BOX”.

Each composer was tasked with writing an original music kit that could be used in place of the existing in-game music. Mike Morasky from Valve Software invited each of the composers to compose music in whatever style they wanted. The only restriction was that the music had to fit the specific timing and functionality required for each in-game event.

The result was a wildly diverse collection of seven musical “skins” that continue to be very popular in CS: GO years after it’s original release in 2020.

For the soundtrack version, each composer provided three tracks. These were most often the composer’s Main Theme, and then two other tracks that were drawn from other compositions in their kit. The resulting album is roller coaster ride that is surprising and fun, just like CS: GO!


Track List

  1. Bachram   Austin Wintory
  2. The Count   Austin Wintory
  3. Savage Highlands   Austin Wintory
  4. Space Queen   Sam Marshall
  5. Garlic Heart   Sam Marshall
  6. Advent   Sam Marshall
  7. Eye of the Dragon   Daniel Sadowski
  8. Fighting Stars   Daniel Sadowski
  9. Time Tick   Daniel Sadowski
  10. Grit   Matt Levine
  11. Breaking In   Matt Levine
  12. Tick Tock BOOM!   Matt Levine
  13. El Vals del Taco de Rana   Dren McDonald
  14. Persecución de Helltain   Dren McDonald
  15. Giantesca Jefe de Hormigas   Dren McDonald
  16. M.U.D.D. Force   Ben Bromfield & Tree Adams
  17. Demolition   Ben Bromfield & Tree Adams
  18. Snake Bite  Ben Bromfield & Tree Adams
  19. Neo Noir   Tim Huling
  20. Zone of Action   Tim Huling
  21. Got Your Six   Tim Huling