About my Music

In 2017 I received a certificate in sound, voice, and music in the healing arts from The California Institute of Integral Studies. The course was incredible, and I have been integrating many of the healing principles from this program into my music. I have also been using Ableton Live and Push 2 to weave evocative, acoustically based soundscapes into my performances.

I have been collaborating with a number of sound practitioners to develop a new form of musical storytelling that integrates elements of Guided Imagery Music (GIM), Adaptive Composition, and Deep Listening.


October 2017 РI performed Elements at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. I was joined by Loriel Starr, Joss Jaffe and Alex Kelly. For more information, go here.

Elements – Performance at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Elements – Rehearsal

The Sound Mandala Experience РSeptember 2017 I performed with Loriel Starr and Barbara Juniper in the Sound Mandala Experience. It was a wonderful, special event.